E-hindi at the Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw

The meeting with the e-Hindi platform on Saturday, November 25, at the Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw was extremely interesting. Participants had the opportunity not only to learn how this modern e-learning tool was created, what it contains, and how to use it but also to relax during the artistic performances.

You could also listen to lectures, including cultural entanglements of language, multilingualism in India, Hindu gods, or what Poles and Indians have in common. Those willing could learn a few words in Hindi.

Krzysztof Stroński and Monika Browarczyk are presenting the platform to the audience
The audience are watching the presentation od Indian gods

Indian dance shows and workshops made participants feel the oriental atmosphere even better.

This was the third and last event promoting the launch of the online platform for learning Hindi. In just a few days, you will be able to use it, to which you are cordially invited by the team of e-Hindi creators, especially the leaders of the “Hindi for You” project, UAM professors Monika Browarczyk and Krzysztof Stroński, as well as Adrian Furman, president of Grupa AF that created this modern e-learning tool.

From the left: Monika Browarczyk, Krzysztof Stroński, Adrian Furman. Behind them, four dancers in white long dresses, in the background a poster promoting eHindi

After November 30, 2023, the platform will be ready to use free of charge at http://e-hindi.amu.edu/.

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