E-HINDI at conference in Zagreb

The 13th Middle Eastern Students of Indology Conference was held at the University of Zagreb on May 31 – June 2. At the 13th edition of the periodically held conference, which brings together students and academics working on South Asia, Sven Sellmer and Mandar Purandare, as representatives of the AMU team, presented a Hindi self-learning platform, held a workshop on teaching Hindi, and presented the project website to conference participants.

Sven Sellmer presented the Hindi self-learning platform, which is open to everyone – E-HINDI for You navigating the test version online. He also explained the gamification system.

A collage of two photos: Presentation of the website of the platform in a lecture room, on the right there is a banner advertising the platform

Conference participants were also invited to workshops on teaching Hindi by Mandar Purandare. He showed participants interactive exercises and fun exercises (charades, puzzles, rebuses, crosswords, scrabble) that can be used to teach Hindi.

A collage of two photos: The participants are doing language excercises in a lecture room
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