Gamification encourages self-learning on e-Hindi

Motivation and learners’ interest are essential for effective learning. That’s why on the e-Hindi platform we are implementing a gamification-based system that includes points, badges, and ranking. 

The user will receive one point for every correct answer. Upon completion of each lesson, the points will be summed and added to the overall score, which will be visible on the top navigation bar.

E-Hindi navigation bar, the colour purple, on the left - text E-Hindi, on the right - sum of points, user name and a button redirecting to another language version of the platform

Completion of certain tasks will be acknowledged by prizes i.e., badges which thematically correspond to elements of Indian culture. The badges will be awarded in two categories: for accumulating points and for completing a lesson.

Eight round badges: mandala, flame, turban, lotus, bananas, mango, cinnamon, tea

A learner will be allotted a position in the ranking according to his/her progress, and each participant will be able to track his/her performance vis-a-vis others.

Ranking: at the top: a champion cup and a text: Position 1; below: names and points of six other learners

An inseparable companion of learners will be the Yogi, a figure who would come up with comments on the progress of a user and points. He will cheer you up and encourage learning.

In the middle: The Yogi.
On his left: text Lesson 2, Passed, Your score 21/24 points.
on the right: a text in a speech bubble "You are anlightened".
Underneath: buttons redirecting to repetition and other lesson
Five versions of the Yogi, each one shows different emotion or state

We believe that every task completed and acknowledged by the gamification-system will become a reason for satisfaction, and because of that learning on the e-Hindi platform will be effective and enjoyable.

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