Half-year project summary meeting in Łódź

The works on the Hindi e-learning platform have been lasting since January. The platform has changed and developed since then significantly. The Institute of Oriental Studies has prepared 8 lessons (didactic units) already, and Grupa AF has designed views for 6 of them. At the beginning of this week, both teams met in Łódź, to sum up performed actions, and discuss the next stages of the project.

During the two-day meeting, the participants accepted the content of each lesson in detail, particularised exercises and tasks, and analysed audio and video materials. They also discussed the concept of the course heroes engaged in lesson dialogues. The heroes will be Chris, Monika, Muskan, the Khan family, and Kabir.

Grupa AF presented a detailed report on performed works: they created the project website and a Polish version of the landing page for the platform using such technologies as React, Python, Next.js, Django, and Docker; they designed all the graphics: the avatar, badges, and gamification elements; they also configured the server and ULM diagram that is the platform structure, and finally, they conducted security testing.

The meeting participants also discussed “a summary report” for EEA granting purposes. Let’s remind that “the Hindi for You” project is supported by these grants, which requires periodical reporting.

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