We are implementing first lessons

We are developing the platform systematically and implementing first lesson units on it. We have already created the landing page – the main page where students can sign up and start learning as well as see brief profiles of the course authors and read interesting articles about Hindi.

We have prepared language exercises for the first lessons, including audio recordings helpful in practicing pronunciation – each Devanagari mark has a separate soundtrack.

Graphic and UX/UI designers are refining the platform layout, drafting and producing sample pages. They have already created dozens of lesson views, including sound descriptions, work with text, vocabulary, and other exercises. This is one of them:

We have collected some curious facts related to Hindi, enriched with colourful graphics, for students to understand the language context better and to get closer to the Oriental world.

The IT developers have been still creating and improving the platform functionalities so that the navigation is fluent and intuitive. Handy menu, click number minimalisation, options of continuing learning from a given place, saving the results, and printing the lessons – these are only some of the elements they have been working on.

AMU and Grupa AF are consulting every platform module and working out the details – all that to prepare the platform on the highest level, in particular, to make it extremely user-friendly. 

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