Celebrating Cultural Diversity Days with e-Hindi

Here are some photos from the Days of Cultural Diversity (May 21-22, 2023). On the first day, in the Botanical Garden of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań we invited for a workshop E-HINDI FOR YOU, or how to get along (at least a little) in India. As you can see from the photos, whole families participated in this event. Krzysztof Stroński talked about the platform for self-learning Hindi, Monika Browarczyk taught some simple Hindi phrases. Martyna Gotowczyc and Zuzanna Kostrzewska talked about non-verbal communication and gave a short demonstration of the Bharata Natyam dance. They also explained various gestures and facial expressions used in the classical forms of dance in India. When the grown-ups were learning the basic rules of writing in the Devanagari syllabary, children at the time adopted Indian pets coloring their pictures.

On the second day of the Cultural Diversity Days celebration, a presentation of the Hindi self-learning platform Hindi for You took place in the Philology Library of Collegium Novum. But prior to that Zuzanna Kotkiewicz and Eryk Nowacki set up a stand with leaflets about e-Hindi to promote the platform. Monika Browarczyk talked about the platform and demonstrated how it works online. As part of the workshop, the attendees learned some basic Hindi phrases and some gestures characteristic of India. Erik Nowacki gave a talk on the “language” of classical Indian Hindustani music, and then played some compositions on the sitar. It was a pleasant and relaxing end of the Days of Cultural Diversity.

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