विश्व हिंदी दिवस, or World Hindi Day, celebration

On 29 March 2023 in Poznań, Indology UAM co-organised a celebration of विश्व हिंदी दिवस, or World Hindi Day, with the Embassy of the Republic of India in Poland. Indian Consul S.K. Ray welcomed those gathered and told them about the origins of the World Hindi Day.

A collage of two photos. In the first, the Consul S.K. Ray is giving a speech, in the second, ten paricipants of the World Hindi Day by an advertising stand of e-hindi platform.

Students from Poznań and Wrocław recited poetry in Hindi and stories written by them. The audience had the opportunity to listen to classical Indian music – Mandar Purandare – singing and clarinet and Eryk Nowacki – sitar and saz, to watch a mini recital of kathak or classical Indian dance performed by Ragini Nagar and Bollywood choreography performed by the Masakali Dance Group.

A collage of four photos with artistic performances.

Monika Browarczyk and Mandar Purandare gave a presentation on e-Hindi, a platform for learning Hindi.

A collage of two photos of Monika Browarczyk and Mandar Purandare giving a presentation of the e-Hindi platfrm
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