Presentation of e-Hindi during Holi in Poznań

On 12 March 2023 in Poznań, we celebrated Holi, known as the festival of colours and spring. The Indology of AMU and the Masakali Dance Group (created by graduates of AMU Indology) organised a joyful celebration of this colourful festival.

A collage of four photos:
1: Five young people with coloured faces,
2: Professor Monika Browarczyk is making a speech to the audience,
3. Five young ladies dancing 
4: A multimedia presentation for the audience

Apart from vocal and dance performances, and presentations on Holi prepared by AMU Indology students (Maria Mazurek, Wiktoria Dworkiewicz, and Marcin Ciesielski), we gave a presentation on the e-Hindi platform to a large audience gathered for the merry occasion.

Professor Monika Browarczyk is giving a  multimedia presentation of the e-hindi platform
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