Let’s uncover more parts of the platform

The implementation of subsequent lessons on the platform is in progress. We have already completed work on 12 lessons along with audio and video recordings. Lessons 13-21 are at the mock-up stage of production.

Below you can see some images of the lessons that are implemented on the e-learning platform already.

Lesson view Work with text: dialogue, audio button, text excerpt
Part of lesson 3 view, language exercises: match words to the images
Work with text view, a dialogue of Monika and Muskan, audio button, Monika and Muskan image, a part of the text-dialogue
Lesson 4 view Introduction to learning Hindi, a part of an exercise Insert proper forms of the pronouns and put the verb in proper form like in the pattern

The images you can see here display samples of some texts and exercises. Moreover, in the upper navigation bar you can see some elements of gamification, i.e. the total amount of points scored by a student for correctly completed tasks at a given stage. Ultimately, every student will also be able to compare her or his results with those of other learners on the E-Hindi platform. Gamification is an effective tool for motivating students in self-learning. You are cordially invited to learn Hindi with us upon the platform launch.

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