A lively narrative

An interesting storytelling with a group of people belonging to various castes and coming from various places, Indians and foreigners, scenes from everyday life, at home and in the office, contemporary problems and how to solve them. Let’s take a look at our main characters: Monika, Chris, Muskan, Kumkum, and Yusuf Khan with his wife Firdoz. They will accompany learners along the course. They will also meet other interesting people whom you should meet as well!

Monika has come from Poland to work in an IT company in India, whereas Chris is Norwegian and he has been living and working in Delhi for several years. They both attend Hindi classes.

Muskan is a journalist and a single mother, and Kumkum works for her as a housekeeper.

Mr. Yusuf is a doctor and he also runs an NGO that helps homeless children and orphans. His wife Firdoz runs a clothing company.

The heroes develop different relationships, which forms a nice story. We hope this will make the e-Hindi course more attractive and the learners will be more eager to go through subsequent lessons.

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