Meeting of the project teams in Poznań

The work performed and the next stages of the project were discussed in a meeting held at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań on the 17th of March. The project teams were represented by prof. AMU, Dr hab. Monika Browarczyk – the project manager, prof. AMU, Dr hab. Krzysztof Stroński and Katarzyna Budasz-Organista from the Institute of Oriental Studies of AMU and the project leaders from Grupa AF.

The meeting turned into a brainstorming session ending with many interesting ideas that, hopefully, will help the platform draw much attention. The ways of presenting grammar material, improvements of lesson scripts, gamification drawings, visual identification, and discussions on optimal server solutions – this is, in short, how it went.

Many more challenges are waiting for us. Soon we will prepare the content for the section introducing the Devanagari script as well as the first two lessons with dialogues, texts, exercises, and vocabulary. We also plan to add an interesting fact relating to the culture.

We simultaneously work on the architecture and configuration of the system, including the programming interface and the client information architecture.

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